tostatura vintageCompany History

Our roasting company Caffe Roen was established in 1979 in Pacengo di Lazise, near Verona, on the shores of Lake Garda. Thanks to his experience in the coffee industry, Sergio Bendinelli decided to found his own roasting
company, to produce espresso coffee according to his own taste. At first he used a small roaster that allowed him to develop the first blends and to start a small coffee production, intended primarily for Ho.Re.Ca industry

The first years were a crescendo of successes, customers increased steadily and the reputation of quality and reliability of the company was strengthened more and more. Later on came the transfering to new premises in Affi, a small town not far away, specially built to accommodate the new production facilities and in following the tasting
and the training rooms

The transfer to Affi also coincided with major changes in the company, the holder was joined by new employees and began opening to foreign markets, this was a choice that proved to be far-sighted and that was finally consolidated with the entry of the son Enrico within the company, which thanks to the degree in languages, began to engage in the
export sector, bringing a wave of innovation and dynamism



Green coffee selection_MG_2884

The careful selection of raw coffees, depending on the source, the manufacture, the species and size and development, is the basis for the production of quality blends, this is only possible thanks to the knowledge and experience gained in years of activity



                         Quality Checkcontrollo qualità

Coffee is a product of nature and therefore it is possible that some lots do not have the quality requirements suitable for our blends. For this reason, we put to the test all the coffee lots we receive with roasting and tasting tests, evaluating their organoleptic characteristics in order to ensure constancy in the quality of our products




tasting caffèè roenRoasting

All our blends are roasted with our drum roaster at low temperature, ensuring full flavour development for each coffee bean. It is essential to us that the roasting gets done directly by the expert hand of our master roaster, that with his experience and expertise can calibrate the process on every single batch and on every blend

Indeed, not all the raw coffee beans are equal, depending on the origin, the species, the processing and harvest period they have different roasting behaviors, which means a big challenge for the roaster, who has to steer the roasting process according to the green coffees characteristics



For the packing of our products we use an automatic packing machine of the latest generation equipped with a degassing valves applicator, in combination with a semi-automatic packing machine for smaller lots, so to ensure speed and flexibility both in small and large productions

All our blends are produced exclusively in grains and packed few days after roasting, this because only packing fresh coffee in beans can minimize the oxidation of its delicate aromas, which would otherwise degrade quickly if the coffee was packed already ground


Sacco extra bar caffèDistribution

Since the founding of the company the main distribution channel has been the Ho.Re.Ca industry, we supply bars and restaurants in the western
part of the province of Verona, providing to espresso professionals the necessary assistance and advice to always serve an excellent espresso

Alongside this traditional distribution channel, we work together with wholesalers and importers from different countries who appreciate above all the quality of our products, but also the speed, timeliness and accuracy of our order fullfilment

Finally, our customers can find our products also at our roasting facility where our factory shop is active our factory shop, fully equipped with a tasting room where our products can be tasted prepared with professional equipment