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40% Arabica – 60% Robusta

Intenso is aimed to bring out the best of asian washed robustas, that make up most of the mixture and give it amazing softness and silkiness amazing, hard to find in similar blends, along with low acidity and a pronounced body. The aromatic bouquet reminds especially of cocoa, toasted bread and vanilla. Intenso is particularly suitable for preparations with milk, thanks to its remarkable creaminess and body

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90% Arabica – 10% Robusta

Armonioso is the blend of Espresso Bendinelli that best exhalts the qualities of both arabica and robusta coffees, thanks to the careful selection of fine central american arabicas and asian washed robustas, Armonioso results to be very aromatic, with notes of cocoa, pastry and vanilla, but at the same time enveloping , creamy and full-bodied. These characteristics make it particularly appreciated by those seeking a balanced and strong espresso, but not aggressive, to be best enjoyed as pure espresso


Armonioso EN


For this blend, we selected the best central and south-american arabicas to exhalt their best features, mixing them skillfully and roasting them gently in order to preserve their delicate aromas. The result is a 100% Arabica blend, classic but extremely fine, with slight but balanced acidity and complex aromatic bouquet in which stand out flowers, fresh fruit and honey. For these features 100% Arabica Gourmet is appreciated especially as pure very delicate espresso


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Espresso Pods

40% Arabica – 60% Robusta

For our Caffe Roen ESE Standard espresso pods we selected the blend Gran Bar, thanks to  its high content of robusta it fits well to  packaging in pods, since during this process coffee inevitably loses a part of its aromas. The result is a coffee however balanced, creamy and velvety with a low acidity.

Espresso Pods Awards

                                                    Medaglia ICT 2010                medaglia prova 2012


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60% Arabica – 40% Robusta

Una delle nostre miscele più apprezzate, morbida, piena e vellutata, da il meglio di sé nell’uso con macchine da caffè domestiche e miscelata con il latte. L’espresso che produce è cremoso, avvolgente, ma nello stesso tempo delicato, grazie alla presenza consistente di caffè Arabica, soprattutto asiatici e sudamericani, che gli conferiscono un corpo pieno ed intense e note aromatiche di cereali, pasticceria e vaniglia, il che lo rende particolarmente gradevole a fine pasto dopo un buon dessert.

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40% Arabica – 60% Robusta

Gran Bar is our strongest blend, the high percentage of Robusta from India and southeastern asia makes it intense, creamy and very little acid, yet not aggressive, thanks to the consistent presence of the delicate south american arabicas that give it softness and aroma. Ideal for preparation with domestic coffee machines and the classic italian moka, Gran Bar is appreciated also mixed with milk in various ways, or as pure espresso for those looking for strong flavors


Gran Bar EN


80% Arabica – 20% Robusta

Extra bar is Caffè Roen’s top blend, thought for professional use, both as espresso and for latte-art, it produces a soft and creamy espresso, yet strong tasted and balanced. Thanks to the skillful blending of fine south american natural arabicas and high quality asian robustas, Extra Bar is characterized by a marked note of dried fruit and cocoa and moderate acidity, that are best appreciated by those who search the classical italian way espresso



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100% Arabica is among the most amazing blends of our production, although it’s a mix of seven different origins of pure Arabica coffees, it has a round and a accentuated body that differs greatly from the classic pure arabica blends, but keeping at the same time the typical fine aromatic notes, in particular of fresh fruits. 100% Arabica will surely be appreciated by those who love the pure arabica espresso, but at the same time want it round and moderately acid.. For these reasons, this blend will give its best as pure espresso in professional machines as well as in domestic ones.

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