Espresso : simply production or real art?

To produce espresso is an art as few others, you start with a
grain, a simple seed that smells like grass and
through the heat of the fire and the expert hand of the roaster
that masters it, that little seed turns out to open worlds of unexpected pleasure

This is what we do as Caffè Roen roasting company with dedication and passion every day since 1979, we select, mix and roast to perfection the best raw coffees in the world, to bring them into the hands of espresso professionals and the most demanding espresso enthusiasts

With our two brands Caffè Roen and Espresso Bendinelli we
created a wide range of espresso blends, that can meet the needs of different customer tastes, both for pure espresso as well as for the most various latte-art recipes

Finally, it is crucial for us to guide our clients through the complex world of coffee, for this reason, at our roasting facility we offer, in our equipped training and tasting rooms, tips, training and consultancy on the best use of our espresso blends